PSFK’s Trending Topic: 2014 Conference Speakers Who Are Changing The World Through Design

PSFK’s Trending Topic: 2014 Conference Speakers Who Are Changing The World Through Design

Take a quick look at some of this year's speakers and find out what they think about the role of design in business.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 april 2014

One of the key topics we’ve been exploring this year on PSFK is the crucial role that design plays beyond just aesthetics – good design should break down barriers, send a message, and create new philosophies. For this year’s upcoming conference, we have a great lineup of speakers speaking to this concept, including Jesse Levin of Brooklyn Boulders and Doreen Lorenzo of Quirky.

Get to know some of this year’s speakers at PSFK Conference 2014 by checking out PSFK’s interviews with them.


Jesse Levin, Senior Cultural Chameleon of Brooklyn Boulders

On April 11th, Jesse Levin will talk about what creates a vibrant work environment. PSFK asked him about the ideal workplace and how their space in Brooklyn Boulders fits that ideal. According to Jesse, people and organizations are moving towards creating a more collaborative workspace. They want more physical interaction and community development. The space at Brooklyn Boulders combines climbing, fitness, arts and culture, and entrepreneurship to create a space where people can play, work, connect and be inspired.


Doreen Lorenzo, President of Quirky

Doreen Lorenzo talked to PSFK about what makes Quirky different from traditional design and manufacturing companies. She explained that Quirky connects directly with the end users of a product and rely on them to tell the company what they want, unlike traditional companies that have R&D; and product teams that come up with new things to sell. Quirky’s community comes up with solutions to day-to-day problems. Doreen will be presenting at the conference with GE’s Global Marketing Department Executive Director Linda Boff.


Will Berman, Founder and Maker of Unwashed Denim

Will Berman started making handmade denim products in his bedroom at age 15. PSFK first met Will at STORY Pitch Night where he pitched his products and business and got picked up by Rachel Shechtman and STORY. Will talked to PSFK about the need to create more emphasis on how products are created – from the people involved to the places, materials, and construction processes. He also talked about the need for kids to be encouraged to think creatively and learn to build or make things. Will will be speaking at the PSFK conference with Shechtman about the relationship between retailers and suppliers.


Marc Kushner, Co-Founder of Architizer

Marc Kushner and his co-founders started Architizer to help architects promote their work and create awareness about the industry. In PSFK’s interview with him he explained that architecture is way behind other industries and that people outside the field don’t understand the value of design and architecture in the world and how they impact people’s lives. Architizer has helped bring architecture to a wider audience. Marc will be speaking more about their efforts to create awareness about architecture at the conference on April 11th.


Scott Thrift, Creative Director and Clockmaker of ThePresent

Scott Thrift was at the last PSFK conference. This year he will be giving an update on his project to change the way people relate to time. In an interview, Scott talked to PSFK about the challenge with trying to rethink an established system, especially something as significant as how people perceive time. He explained that by breaking down time into small measurable units like minutes or hours, people limit themselves and miss out on the immeasurable qualities of time. In his PSFK Conference session this year, Scott will talk about what can happen in a year.

Check out our conference page to see more of innovative industry leaders who will be speaking at our event.

We hope to see you at there! Click below to buy tickets.


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