Create Toxin-Free Makeup At Home [Video]

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Produce plant-based cosmetics with this DIY kit.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 28 april 2014

Unlike food items that are strictly governed by the FDA, cosmetic companies are not required to disclose all the ingredients in their products. This has made consumers feel both uncertain and powerless in our ability to make healthy shopping decisions. One way we can be more assured in the safety of the products we use is to make sure they are phytocosmetics, or plant-based products.

As the public becomes more aware of toxins hidden in makeup and beauty products, it is natural that we seek assurances in how safe the products we use are. Consequently, phytocosmetics have become more popular and readily available. In addition, thanks to the help of new at home DIY kit, we now hold the power to guarantee our products are not hazardous, because we hold the power to create them in the palms of our hands.


Teardrop is a DIY distillation system kit, produced by a Milan based company seeking to raise awareness about the chemicals we use on our skin. With this product, they have enabled us to produce products at home that have natural ingredients and processes.


The steam-based distillation system allows you to extract the beneficial properties of plants into a completely natural herbal water, which can be used to produce cosmetics. The kit consists of instruments and accessories to make and store plant-based products. Jars, labels, and even recipes are included. Teardrop also includes information on the health properties of different plants, so users become confident in any product they make.

Until cosmetics companies are required by law to disclose all of their ingredients, plant-based cosmetics and products like Teardrop may be the safest bet.



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