Mexican Boutique Hotel Can Only Be Booked Via Airbnb

Mexican Boutique Hotel Can Only Be Booked Via Airbnb
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Targeting youthful travelers, Mexican hotel Drift San Jose only book rooms via Airbnb.

Daniela Walker
  • 23 april 2014

Drift San Jose, a small 8 bedroom hotel in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico only takes bookings on Airbnb rather than having a traditional reservation system.


Owner Stu Waddell decided to embrace the do-it-yourself attitude and spirit of adventure that millennial travelers want to have by making his hotel a blend between a hostel and a boutique hotel. Airbnb allows Waddell to offer both a hotel and the unique Airbnb hospitality experience.

Waddell told travel trends website Skift:

“Millennials really respond to, ‘Here’s your key. Do it yourself.’ [They’re saying]: ‘We don’t want the hotel to give us an experience. We want to create our own experience.’ So I’m giving them kind of a blank slate. I’m just providing a platform, a launching pad for them to create their own stories.”

The hotel offers bedrooms on a first-come, first-serve basis – so guests choose rooms when they arrive – and there is a communal kitchen. Drift San Jose blends the home away from home feeling that Airbnb provides, within a more decorated and secure hotel environment.


Waddell sees Airbnb as the best way to communicate his brand’s ethos and attract the right customers.

Airbnb started out just being practical, but the more I’m using it the more I realize that it’s bringing me my exact target audience… the Airbnb clientele is already open to trying something new. They don’t want to pay for all of those amenities in traditional hotels. They feel the amenities are the surfing and the culture, and all of that stuff.

Drift San Jose

[h/t] Skift

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