Drones Gallery Show Features Abstract Paintings Made On Command

Drones Gallery Show Features Abstract Paintings Made On Command
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The graffiti artist's series will be exhibited at the first Silicon Valley Art Fair.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 8 april 2014

Multi-media artist KATSU has created a series of abstract paintings made by remote-controlled drones.

The exhibition, aptly called Drone Paintings, is presented by New York art gallery The Hole as a solo booth at the very first Silicon Valley Art Fair on April 10 to 13. The exhibit will also feature a video about how the paintings were created and the technology that was used.

According to The Hole, KATSU, who first emerged in the late ’90s and mixes traditional graffiti with digital media and conceptual art, has been working on using drones to create artwork. He originally developed the technology to use drones to create illegal graffiti, and developed the hardware and software that enables a drone to carry a spray paint can and effectively use it. For months he experimented with the weight of the paint, the sensor to activate the sprayer, the flight of the drone, as well as different paints and surfaces.


According to The Hole, the series of abstract paintings “show a new type of mark, divorced from the artist hand though remotely controlled by it, and filtered through the nature of the drone and its tendencies.” The art works present a “choppy” and somewhat random style with paint concentrated in some areas and dispersed in others as the drone’s propellers whip the paint around and the machine wobbles from the weight and the force of the spray.


The paintings show how art and technology can fuse together to create something new and exciting. It also shows how drones are becoming accessible and useful for various activities.

The Hole

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