Interactive website shows why you should always wear a life vest.

The sun is shining, the air smells of the sea, and you're being gently rocked by waves as you adjust the sails of your boat. All of a sudden, you're hit by a swinging boom and thrown overboard. Your companion is unable to turn the boat around and you're struggling to stay above water. Bet you wish you were wearing a life vest.

Sortie En Mer is an interactive website designed by agency CLM BBDO, for yachtwear manufacturer Guy Cotten. When you visit the site, you view the aforementioned events from the first-person perspective of the overthrown man, but that's just the beginning. The viewer must scroll up to stay above water, but as time progresses that becomes harder. Freezing water temperatures cause your feet to go numb, and you have to rub them together to retain feeling. Eventually, with your boat and the person in it long gone, you begin to descend. Images of your family flash in front of your eyes before you loose consciousness and inevitably drown.

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