How Intel Is Transforming Dublin Into An Urban Internet Of Things

How Intel Is Transforming Dublin Into An Urban Internet Of Things

The tech company plans to place Gateway sensors around the city as part of their Smart City project.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 3 april 2014

Early this week Intel and the Dublin City Council announced their plans to install an Internet of Things demonstration in the city of Dublin.

The Smart City project will turn Dublin into the most densely sensored city in the world. The project will use Intel’s QuarkTM processor-based Gateway platform and place 200 sensing gateways – which can have up to six sensors each – around the city to gather and monitor environmental data such as air quality and noise.

The data collected by the sensors will be made available to the public and interested parties on an open basis to allow developers to create apps that can provide Dublin’s residents with real-time information about environmental conditions. The data from the project can also be used with real-time traffic information to help provide citizens with more insights into how to improve the quality of life in their city.

In a press release, Intel President Renee James said,

Cities are the nexus for the explosion of Internet of Things technologies and we are pleased to partner with the city of Dublin on Intel Quark processor based sensor technology to improve the quality of life and help make the city run more efficiently. We imagine Dublin can serve as a global reference for how these technologies might transform cities.

Oisín Quinn, the Lord Mayor of Dublin, said,

This is a very exciting development for Dublin and for Intel. People cycling to work or exercising during the day will be able to find the most environmentally friendly routes. In addition there will be the opportunity for smart phones to be used as sensors giving further real time information as to how people are using the city to move about and for exercise. I hope that the city will respond by providing better cycle ways, more trees and making traffic adjustments to reduce areas where air quality is poor or noise levels high.

The project is an international first and aims to improve efficiency and environmental management and allow the people to become involved in the improvement of the city.

[h/t] siliconrepublic, The Irish Times
Header Image: lennox_mcdough CC BY-ND 2.0

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