Easy-Removal Packing Tape Saves Your Nails And The Environment

Easy-Removal Packing Tape Saves Your Nails And The Environment
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The Rip Cord has a built-in string to make it easier to rip off the sticky substance.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 14 april 2014

A tightly-sealed box is well and good. That is, until it’s time to open the box and there’s no cutter or a knife within reach. It’s either you waste time looking for a tool or you end up scratching at the packing tape with your nails.

A new invention that was first pitched on Quirky aims to make it easy to rip off the packing tape off a box, as well as make it easy to flatten the box down for recycling.


The Rip Cord is an innovative piece of packing tape that has a built-in string. To rip off the tape, the user simply pulls on the string. The tape cutter is designed to leave a pull tab shape over the string so trying to get at it isn’t a problem as well.

The idea for the Rip Cord was submitted by Jay Andress from Ohio and the reason for his pitch was to make recycling boxes easier by making them easier to break down.

The product is still under development and udates on its production will be posted on Quirky.


[h/t] NPR

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