Edible Take-Out Box Leaves No Waste Behind [Pics]

Edible Take-Out Box Leaves No Waste Behind [Pics]
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Greek designer creates a bread-based container perfect for picnics.

Ross Brooks
  • 23 april 2014

Not only are cardboard boxes, paper plates, and plastic containers a huge waste of resources, they aren’t all that convenient. Greek designer Kostantia Manthou has a better idea, a bread-based box that you can also be broken up into miniature edible plates. The idea was presented at Milan Design Week 2014 as part of theThis is Very Dangerous” exhibition.

KI·RA and the Edible Tower, as the bread-based box has been called, is a simple kit that includes a recipe for bread that is strong enough to use as a box, a ceramic casserole dish, a special tool that makes it easy to divide the bread up, and even a tablecloth to transport the bread should you want it for a picnic.


“Being Greek, the first thing that came to mind was bread,” Manthou told FastCoExist. Then, as she thought about the food containers that usually show up at a picnic, she realized she could use bread to help avoid generating piles of trash. “No matter the material, there is always waste,” she says. “And frankly, the containers are also usually very ugly.”


Kostantia Manthou


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