Beautiful GIFs Reveal Physics’ Invisible Forces [GIFs]

Beautiful GIFs Reveal Physics’ Invisible Forces [GIFs]
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A typically dry subject is brought to life with these creative animations.

Lara Piras
  • 4 april 2014

French engineering student Hugo Germain‘s new project illuminates the principles behind math, physics, and engineering. His Tumblr presents the GIFs to help people become interested in the subjects that many outside of those fields might perceive as lackluster. The clever animations include visual representations of energy transfers and when ‘chemistry’ sparks between two people.

tumblr_n2wn08Bzio1r2pmbao1_250 (1).gif


I get most of my inspiration from everyday life,” explains the artist on his blog. “I usually come up with an idea or concept during the day, from which I make a quick doodle so that I won’t forget it. Then later, I start working on it in After Effects or Cinema 4D, so that they can become more visual and realistic.”


He also aims to spark a thought process within people who aren’t necessarily interested in the subjects that are so close to his heart. He wants to “make people question basic things we take for granted,” and start to see things in a different light.


Sources: Beautiful Decay, Hugo Germain




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