Electronic Luggage Tag Eliminates Check-In Lines At The Airport [Video]


With the eTag, passengers can just enter their flight details online at home and leave their bags at a drop off point.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 28 april 2014

Air France-KLM has developed a permanent bag tag called the eTag, which allows passengers to tag their luggage at home before their flight and simply drop off their bags at a designated station at the airport. The eTag would eliminate the need to check in their luggage at the counter.

The airline has also developed a GPS tracker called the eTrack, which allows passengers to track the location of their bags anywhere in the world. While the eTag is attached to the luggage on the outside, the eTrack is meant to be placed inside the bag.

The eTrack uses GSM, GPS and Bluetooth while the eTag uses Bluetooth to communicate with the eTrack. Both devices can be used separately. Passengers need to link the devices to their Flying Blue account and enter their flight information before their flight. Their flight information will be automatically sent to the eTag.

The eTag doesn’t need recharging, but the eTrack will need to be recharged after around 10 flights, depending on how often the owner keeps “pings” it for its location.

Air France-KLM worked with FastTrack Company, Samsonite, and KPN to develop the devices. They also gathered some inputs from Delta Air Lines. Air France-KLM wanted to make the eTag beneficial to the industry and not just to their company. They wanted a permanent bag tag that can be used in different airlines and not just with Air France or KLM.

A limited edition Samsonite suitcase that includes the eTag and eTrack is also being developed.

Air France-KLM plans to trial the eTag and eTrack with a small group of passengers some time in December this year before they release the devices to a larger market.

Watch the video below for more about the eTag and eTrack.

Air France-KLM
[h/t] The Telegraph, Future Travel Experience

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