Awear device allows customers to buy the exact item they spot on the street.

If you happen upon a fabulous fashion find on a friend at a party or on the street, there are quite a few apps you can download that will pull up a similar item for you. Awear Solutions‘ app works a little differently however. It gives you product details on the exact item you scan.

Awear is a startup with the goal of digitizing the offline fashion world through hardware and apps. Entrepreneur Liron Slonimsky began work on the technology after being given the cold shoulder when she asked a stranger who made her bag. She had the idea to make fashion more accessible by use of embeddable clothing chips that work in collaboration with a companion app. Customers need only scan the item (from a radius of 30 feet) to receive product information, including the brand, price, places it can be purchased, available colors and sizes, and similar styles. Awear's technology also provides a benefit for retailers. They are able to gather data and connect with their customers.

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