Time-Pressed Mobile Users Can Now Search Yelp With Emoji

Time-Pressed Mobile Users Can Now Search Yelp With Emoji

The goofy emoticons may become a fundamental part of the future of communication.

Lara Piras
  • 8 april 2014

In case your fingers are exhausted from hours of typing and texting, Yelp now offers users the ability to search for businesses using emoji characters. Finding a bar could be as easy as simply switching to your emoji keyboard in iOS and selecting the beer or martini icons.

This feature shows how the company is adapting to the increasing use of mobile and making the site more convenient for its members. It is also an indication of the future of search tools and how consumers will expect to input fewer keywords and entries to find comprehensive and in-depth answers.


The whimsical icons have had their fair share of the limelight in the past few months, thanks to how easily they can communicate a thought or an idea in just one character. We recently covered two web artists who utilized emojis to bridge the language gap between themselves and their Chinese students. By completing their homework via emojis, the students were able to communicate their ideas without worrying about an English translation. Apple has also pledged to add more diverse faces to the emoji language, which currently features a turban-wearing South East Asian and a fiery-red dancing Latina character. These characters have infiltrated our daily texts and tweets, and have now crossed over to consumer-facing business platforms.


Source: The Next Web


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