Facebook Unveils A Breaking News Tool For Journalists

Facebook Unveils A Breaking News Tool For Journalists

FB Newswire was launched with Storyful to make it easier for press to find and share news.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 25 april 2014

Facebook has gone beyond being just a platform for people to connect with other people. It has also become a source of news content and hot topics. People who find themselves on the front line of major events often post real-time information on their status updates and even share their own photos and videos of what’s happening. Facebook has become one of the main resources of journalists and newsrooms for stories.


Facebook and Storyful have launched the FB Newswire, a resource of newsworthy content posted on the social networking platform. The resource makes it easier for journalists and news services to find, share, and embed publicly-shared content which they can use in their reporting.

FB Newswire is powered by Storyful and collects publicly-shared content which includes photos, videos, and status updates by individuals and organizations from all over the globe. Storyful’s discovery technology, expert journalists and editors find and verify images, videos, and posts before they go into Newswire. The page is updated in real-time with top news content in various categories like news, weather, sports, entertainment, lifestyle, celebrity, and viral stories.

FB Newswire can also be accessed on Twitter at @FBNewswire.

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