Picture Frame Receives Live Photos To Your Grandparents’ Living Room [Video]


Instantly view photos and videos from friends and family across the web without using a social networking site.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 22 april 2014

Have you seen the Esurance commercial with Beatrice, the off-line over sharer? She’s an elderly woman having a few (also elderly) friends over, to show them her vacation photos on her ‘wall.’ When they’re all seated, she points out printed photos that are literally posted to her living room wall with tape. When one friend mentions that ‘it doesn’t work like that,’ Beatrice says ‘I unfriend you.’

We all know a person like Beatrice. They really want to be a part of what is going on in our lives, but they just don’t know how. Lucky for all of us, a new product from Famatic is designed to get the older generation more ‘in the know.’


Famatic is the world’s first social photo frame. It allows the owner to see photos and videos streamed from social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram without having to join. Like ordinary digital photo frames, it allows viewers to switch photos with the swipe of a finger, but it also allows them to ‘like’ photos, or type in comments that are then transferred to the site the pictures were on.

When you buy the Famatic frame, you can set it up online prior to gifting your grandparents. You simply connect to your social media sites, then set up email sharing and you’re ready to upload from anywhere. You can even code the frame to only share photos will special hashtags or from a certain album, so no one winds up seeing the photos you’d rather keep private. In addition, you can connect multiple accounts, so grandma and grandpa can see pics from all their children and grandchildren.


Famatic was co-founder by Thijs Suijtencomes and Peter Rimmelzwaan. Suijtencomes came up with the idea after becoming tired of lugging his laptop with him every time he went to visit his parents. He wanted them to feel connected to the family, and see photos of their grandchildren, but knew they were not familiar with social media. He thought there should be an easier way to share photos with them, so he created one.

When the Famatic was designed, the founders had the future in mind. The device comes with a built in speaker, microphone, and cameras, so when future updates are made, a new frame doesn’t have to be purchased.


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