Shop Window Tells Customers What Not To Wear [Video]


Digital color critic rates your outfit and offers suggestions.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 14 april 2014

Wearing black has its benefits. It’s elegant, looks good with every skin complexion and hair color and of course slimming. It allows for pops of color with accessories and outerwear, but it can also be boring.

In the beauty industry, innovation is all about color, but when it comes to fashion, 83% of all sales are attributed to neutrals. According to A.S. Colour boutique, many people lack the confidence to wear colors, which is why they have invented a digital color critic at the store’s Britomart location in New Zealand. It will allow customers to break free from neutrals.


A. S. Colour is a high-end apparel company with locations throughout Australasia that specializes in color. Realizing that a vast majority of all clothing sales are accounted for by neutrals, they began collaborating with the FCB Auckland agency, who helped them create the A. S. Colourmatic- the world’s first digital color critic.


The A. S. Colourmatic is an interactive window display that locks on to the person standing if front of it. After inputting your gender, the system analyzes your current outfit, giving a rating based off how complimentary your colors are. The critique takes things into account like seasonal relevance, how up to date the outfit is and originality compared to everyone else. It points out weak links and suggests better choices located within the store.


Currently, A. S. Color has a range of 50 colors. They report that over 10,000 people have used the Colourmatic so far, increasing sales by more than 16%. They say outfit ratings have improved by 28%, and hope to install additional Colourmatics in other locations.

(h/t Creativity)

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