FRACT is a musical exploration game where players reconstruct a virtual world through sound.


There’s something magical about electronic music. A single button can be programmed to transmit just about any sound imaginable, and plenty that you’d never consider otherwise. But how does something like a synthesizer actually work? I remember watching Radiohead perform “The National Anthem” onSaturday Night Live in 2000 and being enamored by multi-instrumentalist Johnny Greenwood and his menagerie of boxes, antennas, and cords. “I don’t know what he’s doing, but I know it’s awesome,” I thought to myself. The mystery of electronic music is part of its allure, acting as a curtain behind which production is done in secret. And if you’re like me and look at an image of what goes into, say,Orbital’s live performance rig, the apparent complexity of an army of humming, synchronized machines seems incomprehensible.

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