PSFK Releases Full Health Trends Report For Free

PSFK Releases Full Health Trends Report For Free

Boehringer Ingleheim, our gracious partner, supports the free distribution of PSFK's Future of Health report.

  • 15 april 2014

Innovation in healthcare leads the changes that we see take place in other markets. To share the critical ideas that are emerging in the sector  to further inspire people across healthcare and related industries, our sponsor Boehringer Ingleheim has supported us in the release of our Future of Health report for free.

This PSFK Labs report includes 13 key trends that are shaping the future of patient care and healthcare systems. In the report we review the emergence of a proactive and empowered patient who is more in control of their personal health choices. Armed with information about their lifestyle and conditions, they expect their relationships with their doctors to be more personal and collaborative, as they work together towards achieving the best outcomes.

Please feel free to download the full report on the Slideshare site here.

This accompanying documentary describes many of the themes found in the report:

Thank you again to our sponsor Boehringer Ingleheim in the support of this project. We hope that you find the ideas and innovations featured in the report inspiring for your daily work, no matter what you do.

Future of Health // PSFK Labs

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