PSFK’s Trending Topic: Why Future-Proofing Is Becoming Essential For All Tech

PSFK’s Trending Topic: Why Future-Proofing Is Becoming Essential For All Tech

Companies are developing products that are open platforms for new updates and technologies without the need for add-on parts.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 24 april 2014

Technologies and platforms are evolving today at such fast speeds that it can be hard to keep up. A new wave of devices and products are being designed in a way where they can accept updates without new parts needing to be added, and without the need to throw away the entire device. Examples of these products that are adaptable to future technologies and needs range from a speaker that evolves based on the listeners’ desires to a suit that incorporates mobile payments into its sleeves.

Take a look at some of these devices below.


Wireless Speaker Can Take On New Features Over Time

The Boom Boom Bluetooth speaker designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for Binauric doubles as an open platform that can take on new features as they are developed and without the need for additional parts. Aside from basic features like audio playback, conference call, and compatibility with iOS and Android devices, the speaker includes extras like an accelerometer, light sensors, and a microphone. The built-in technologies are there so the speaker can acquire new features without needing new parts.


Fashion Boutique Lets Clients Build Their Own Handbags

Created by fashion journalist and entrepreneur Robert Cordero, Bamin in New York is an invite-only boutique that lets clients customize their own bags with interchangeable parts. Clients can create their bags via the company’s website or via an interactive app. The bags have interchangeable parts that owners can switch around to create a new look any time they want.


Picture Frame Receives Live Photos And Videos

Famatic is a social picture frame that lets users stream photos and videos from social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram even if they don’t have accounts on those sites. Users can swipe the screen to browse through photos and even “like” and comment, which would be transferred to the corresponding site where the photo is on. The picture frame comes with a built-in speaker, mic, and cameras to allow for updates without the need to buy a new frame.


Power Suit Lets Wearers Pay With Their Sleeve

Tailored by M.J. Bale and powered by payment technology by Heritage Bank, the “Power Suit” lets wearers pay for goods at any Visa payWave terminal by swiping their sleeve, which has a contactless payment chip and antenna fused into it. Wearers can check or top up their balance by accessing their Heritage Bank prepaid account online or via an app.

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