GE Pulverizes Products To Demonstrate Its Rigorous Testing Process [Video]


GE destroys items chosen by the crowd on its #SpringBreakIt tumblr.

Ross Brooks
  • 24 april 2014

Most people think beaches, bikinis, and beads when they hear the words Spring Break, but General Electric has a very different interpretation. To show how far they push the materials that go into their machines, they’ve put together the #SpringBreakIt campaign, which shows things being smashed, crushed, and blasted.

The company’s dedicated Tumblr page features fun facts and plenty of GIFs that show things being destroyed. Here’s a good one, “It would take the equivalent weight of 500 grizzly bears to bend carbon steel.”


If you want to see things being destroyed by GE’s testing process, just Tweet using #SpringBreakIt, and the company will send you back a video of an everyday item trying to hold up under some serious pressure.

You can also see a trailer for the new campaign below:

General Electric

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