Concept Service Summons Personal Assistant Drones On Demand

Concept Service Summons Personal Assistant Drones On Demand

Graphic artist creates 'drones on demand' service that will bring you coffee, take your picture, or even hold your parking space.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 18 april 2014

Imagine a world where thousands of drones cruise the sky, waiting for you to summon them and request assistance. With the help of an app, you could have one come to you and perform a multitude of tasks, including taking a super selfie for you, scouting out and holding a parking place, and providing surveillance as you walk down sketchy streets. Imagine Gofor, a concept startup drone on demand service that one day could be a reality.

Thinking it would be an interesting idea and experiment, graphic artist Alex Cornell designed and pitched a startup drone on demand service, even though current technology wouldn’t allow this kind of service to be possible yet. The service is called Gofor, and though it’s not real, he created a website, promotional video, and entire press kit to accompany it.


Cornell has long been a fan of drones, and has created interesting and complex features for these personal assistant drones. Gofor can go anywhere. It has an object based tracking system, links to social networks, and is capable of audio monitoring. It comes with five pre-programmed tasks, but can also obey your voice commands. It can be used for home security, to scout locations, monitor events, follow your car, and even protect you.


According to Motherboard, Cornell says that since launching the Gofor website, he has been contacted by people at Google and Texas Instruments asking if he needed any help with the project. He is now considering simplifying the technology so that a similar but more achievable version might actually be produced.

(h/t Motherboard, Gofor)

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