+POOL's app lets you watch a swimming pool clean New York's H2O supply in real-time.

+POOL has already made waves with their plan to build a floating swimming pool that cleans the water in New York City’s East River, but now they’ve also got an app in the works that will let citizens watch the water being cleaned in real-time. It’s part of a partnership with Google Drive that aims to keep New Yorkers more informed about the quality of water throughout the city.

“Using Google Drive’s API we built a public water quality dashboard that allows anybody to see at any given time what the quality and health of the river actually is from the point of where we’re testing at Pier 40 at Hudson River Park,” said Coates at a recent press conference, as reported by Inhabitat. “We want to use this dashboard to educate and start conversations about water quality and on May 6th, two weeks from today, we’ll launch at dashboard.pluspool.org.”

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