Hardware Hackathon Winners Will Be Awarded A Trip To Space [Video]


The Hackaday Prize will send one lucky hardware hacker beyond the atmosphere.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 29 april 2014

Build the best piece of open hardware and get the chance to become a real life space traveller. That is, if you win the grand prize in The Hackaday Prize, a competition that tech company SupplyFrame is holding through its website

Hackaday is calling on hardware hackers to create a piece of open hardware that is more than the usual Internet of Things project and have the potential to change people’s lives.


Hackaday encourages the use of open-source technologies and reuse of submissions by members of the hacking community, and The Hackaday Prize is a way for the community to put their skills and creativity to the test and maybe even begin the next evolution of connected devices.

Mike Szczys, Managing Editor of Hackaday, said, “We launched The Hackaday Prize because we want to see the next evolution of hardware happen right now, and we want it to be open.”

The grand prize is a trip to space on a carrier of the winner’s choice or a cash option of $196,418. Runner up prizes include a milling machine for second place, a 3D printer for third place, a trip to the Akihabara electronics district in Japan for 4th place, and a team skydiving package for 5th place. The Top 50 entries will receive a Grab Bag of electronics and components.

Preliminary submissions are being accepted through June 28th.

Take a look at the promo video of the competition below.

The Hackaday Prize

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