PSFK’s Trending Topic: How High Tech Sports Equipment Is Changing The Game

PSFK’s Trending Topic: How High Tech Sports Equipment Is Changing The Game

Athletics brands are developing products with built-in technologies designed to help players improve their performance.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 april 2014

From adidas’ World Cup soccer ball with embedded cameras to capture the action to a basketball that tracks players’ performance, we’re noticing an abundance of technologies that not only bring the wearer/user closer to the action, but also helps to improve their game.

Take a look at some of these technologies below.


Adidas Soccer Ball With Embedded Cameras

Adidas developed a World Cup football that is fitted with six HD cameras designed to capture the game from the perspective of the ball. Called “brazucam,” the custom-engineered football is being used to take a series of videos captured from its perspective as it tours several countries in preparation for the World Cup. The videos feature stars like Xavi Hernandez, Dani Alves, Cristian Tello, Manuel Neuer, and David Villa, and can be viewed on Adidas’s YouTube channel. Fans can also check out a 360° image gallery on the Adidas website.


Fitness Tracker Provides Real-Time Tips

Moov is a wearable device that gives a regular stream of feedback to help improve the user’s performance in real-time. So far it is available for sports such as running, biking, swimming, cardio boxing, and weight training. It can measure data like running pace, punch rate, and pedaling speed, depending on which part of the body it is attached to. Each sport is measured with a different app for iOS devices, with a version for Android in the works. The device can be for pre-ordered at the company’s website.


Vibrating Jersey Simulates Player Sensations

The Alert Shirt developed by Wearable Experiments (We:eX) is a wearable tech jersey that was made for Australian football fans to experience what the players feel during a game. We:eX worked with Australian broadcasting outlet Foxtel and CHE Proximity to combine hardware, software, and apparel design, and connect people with what they’re viewing in a new way. The Alert Shirt takes real-time game data, transmits it through an app, sends it via Bluetooth to electronics embedded in the jersey and converts the data into sensations and impulses – allowing the wearer to experience the on-field action for themselves.


Wilson Develops Smart Basketball

Sporting goods manufacturer Wilson has developed a basketball with built-in tracking sensors that work with an app to help players improve their game. The smart basketball will be able to show players their shooting percentage, where on the court they are efficient, what types of shots they are good at, how long it takes them to release a shot, and more. The company is launching the smart ball this winter and plans to use similar technology for other sports.

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