“Hire My Friend” Uses Anonymous Profiles To Cut Recruiters Out

“Hire My Friend” Uses Anonymous Profiles To Cut Recruiters Out

Get headhunted anonymously based off the recommendations of your own friends.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 3 april 2014

Searching for a job can be a long and arduous process, especially when you don’t want your current place of employment to know you’re seeking out greener pastures. However, one London-based company has just made it a whole lot easier.

Makeshift‘s latest invention is Hire My Friend, a service that invites people to create an anonymous profile, listing their skills and specifying the kinds of jobs they are looking for. Users can then request tweets and endorsements from their Twitter friends, which will move them up in the candidate list. Employers can also make accounts and search for candidates based on skills, or post any available positions.


If a member spots a job post that looks like a good fit for a friend, they can recommend their friend to the company. Employers pay a £20 fee to send a message to a candidate, and the candidate can choose to either reveal their identity and set up a meeting, or reject the offer.

Makeshift designer Jon Gold thought of the idea when his girlfriend began searching for a new job. He created a basic version of the program for her, and then pitched it to the Makeshift team when she landed a new job very quickly.


Hire My Friend is still a fledgling platform, with about 7,000 candidates and 250 companies involved. It launched last summer and has led to over 1,000 meetings since then. The company is now focusing on obtaining a higher acceptance rate of offers.

Makeshift co-founder Nick Marsh believes Hire My Friend is the future of hiring, saying it has taken the best part of LinkedIn and created a more focused service. In essence, they do the work of recruiters but without the big fees. In addition, Hire My Friend can only be used for positions Makeshift believes are solving a problem for customers, with active participation in the creation of a solution.

Job seekers and company executives can sign up for Hire My Friend here.

[h/t] Quartz

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