Popular online print service MOO.com has reimagined how historical figures would have branded themselves.

To celebrate and promote the recent launch of MOO.com‘s letterhead product, the online print company has designed a series of personal stationery for iconic historical figures. The concept and design of the business cards and letterheads were created by MOO's in-house creative team, who imagined how these famous communicators would brand themselves in today's world.

Teresa Pereira, VP Brand and Communications at MOO shared, ‘Before the telephone was invented, letters were the main method of communication and were extremely powerful in shaping social, personal and even world events. Letters are still important, so it seemed fitting to consider how the writings of these fascinating figures from history might translate to the modern day.' These specific historical figures were selected because of their roles as powerful communicators, and each has a distinctly recognizable set of personal traits and characteristics.

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