Honda Debuts DIY Car Building Kit For April Fools Day

Honda Debuts DIY Car Building Kit For April Fools Day

"Fit Kit" is a spot-on parody of maker culture.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 2 april 2014

In advance of the launch of the 2015 Honda Fit, the automaker previewed an innovative way for buyers to take delivery and create their own Honda Fit. “Fit Kit” is an assemble-at-home option which allows buyers to build or in this case craft their own Fit from the 200,000 individual parts Honda will deliver by truck and drone.

Honda introduces new Fit Kit for the 2015 Honda Fit

“We read comments every day on enthusiast forums suggesting they could build a better car themselves, so we decided to take it a step further and let people actually build one,” said Kuruma Tsukuru, global manager of the new at-home assembly project for American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Young people around the world are making their own handmade belts, coasters and tie racks, why not their own Fit? The next generation is ripe for this personalized and cost-saving option.”

Honda introduces new Fit Kit for the 2015 Honda Fit

The video shows a young maker couple explain the appeal of the program and follows them as they take delivery of their own Fit Kit. It’s funny and clearly the agency behind it watch a lot of Portlandia or are based in Williamsburg.

The irony though is Honda used to be the go to brand for car customizing in the 90’s. When the import craze took off in the US, Civics, Accords and the Acura Integra were the cars to fit with nicer wheels, crazy stereo systems, engine and suspension mods and custom paint jobs. The base cars were affordable and served as a solid platform for a wide spectrum of customizing. The trend waned and Honda in recent years have been lacking excitement in their product line. While the Fit Kit is meant not to be serious, in a way Honda could benefit from listening to the message.

Source: Honda

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