Furniture company latest ads look like simple blocks of color until people are close up.

If you've ever been to Belgium, the first thing you likely noticed is that it is a bilingual country. Once you've figured out that it's okay to speak French, even though you see signs in Dutch, the next thing you're sure to notice is that everything is gray. Gray buildings. Gray streets. Gray walls. Even gray weather. Luckily, IKEA‘s new ad campaign hopes to add some pops of color.

Focusing on many people's goals for Spring — cleaning, remodeling, refurbishing — IKEA has launched an outdoor ad campaign designed by DDB Brussels. The colorful bus shelter campaign looks like a big red, yellow, or green poster from far away. The only things visible are the IKEA logo and the phrase ‘choose color' in small print across the bottom. When people get near, however, an optical illusion allows you to see IKEA‘s latest products.

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