Explore The Minds Of Imaginary Women Through Their Possessions [Video]

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A unique art project and book features the treasures of 22 fictional women.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 14 april 2014

If you’ve ever noticed a shoe on the side of the road, odds are you wondered how it got there and who it belonged to- but you likely stopped there. When artist Deborah Buck happened upon some real life items, however, she allowed her imagination to run wild.

Deborah Buck owned an antique art gallery in NYC for many years but was forced to close down when the recession hit. Though she could no longer sell anything, she couldn’t stop being drawn to items she came across in flea markets, garage sales and similar places. In her mind she created women to whom these objects belonged, considering who they might be, where they were, what they were doing and what challenged them.

Eventually, she decided to use the storefront of her former gallery to showcase the inspirational lives of 22 imaginary women. The window displays were photographed and compiled into a book titled ‘The Windows of Buckhouse: Fabulous Fictional Women.’


Once Buck had the ideas for these women, she ran with them- going on scavenger hunts to find props and even having items custom made. She created characters like Belmont Blue, a jockey from Baltimore living in 1973; Anna Force, an ad-agency owner in 1962; and Rosa Valencia Fu Del Torres, a female bull-fighter living in Spain. She says the one thing all these fictional women have in common is that they are fighting against stereotypes and tradition.


The photos were taken by photographer Jaka Vinšek, who worked on the project for six months. Buck was insistent that the book include scenes shot through the gallery’s glass front, as it added an additional layer to the project.

Buck believes that with ‘The Windows of Buckhouse: Fabulous Fictional Women‘ real women will become empowered to grow, learn, and reinvent themselves. Watch the video below to learn more about her inspiration, and order the book on Amazon.

(h/t The Atlantic)


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