Flip Through Instagram Videos Like A Live TV Channel

Flip Through Instagram Videos Like A Live TV Channel

Into The Static features a real-time feed of searchable videos posted on any topic.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 10 april 2014

If you ever just want to browse through 15-second videos, you can try heading on over to Into The Static, a web app that lets people watch Instagram videos on any topic by typing in a hashtag.

Created by student and software engineer Marshall Moutenot and designed by Kenneth Cohen, the web app features a real-time feed of Instagram videos on any topic.

Users can log in with their Instagram account and type in a specific hashtag to see the videos posted about that topic. They can also click through the videos to see the next one in line.


According to Moutenot, “viewers can see anything from the Grammy’s interspersed with real time commentary to first-hand videos of revolutions in Venezuela and Ukraine.” The creator’s original inspiration was his friend and musician Jamie Lidell, who wondered about the possibility of a live-stream of music video-like content created by fans. Moutenot explored the concept and found that the real-time information he was getting turned out to be very interesting.

Into The Static gives viewers a glimpse into the cultures and experiences of Instagram users and what they like to post about.

Into The Static

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