iPhone Pulse Monitor Measures How People React To Good Design [Video]


The Morpholio Project's new platform uses an iPhone's camera and flash to chart heart rate.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 29 april 2014

The latest platform by The Morpholio Project measures a person’s reaction to various images to gain insight into their subconscious emotions and it does this by using an iPhone’s camera and flash like a heart beat monitor.

The Morpholio Project creates applications designed to reinvent the creative process for artists, designers, photographers, and other creative individuals. The company’s existing apps include a portfolio app, a kiosk app, a drawing app, and an app for creating mood, cork or memo boards.

Now the company is tapping the medical industry to create a new platform that uses biofeedback to measure how design impacts a person. Morpholio uses a medical technique called photoplethysmography or PPG to measure a person’s pulse. PPG measures one’s pulse by taking photos of an illuminated part of the skin and reading the small changes in color that results from blood flowing through the skin.


The company developed an app that uses the camera and flash of a device to track the user’s pulse. Morpholio designed a 3D-printed attachment that provides a slot for the user’s finger. The attachment makes sure the finger is properly aligned over the camera and flash and prevents external light from entering as the app reads the user’s pulse.

The app displays the user’s pulse as images scroll below the pulse monitor. The idea is for the app to measure the user’s biometric response to the images.

Morpholio hopes to finalize the biofeedback-measuring app by the end of the year.

Watch the video below for more about what Morpholio is working on.

The Morpholio Project
[h/t] Gizmodo, designboom

+The Morpholio Project

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