The infamous drink shot gets a tech makeover aimed at youth.

It's fair to say many millennials have had at least one shot of Jagermeister in their lives and if not have at least heard of the rather powerful cocktail the ‘Jager Bomb' (a concoction of Jagermeister and Red Bull). It's definitely a well-known brand, according to the Chief Executives, it's the seventh-largest premium spirit brand in the world. The marketing brains behind this popular spirit are now on a mission to make the German brand a little more tech savvy.

Jagerbonds is their new app offering that captures every element of a night out, be it a Birthday, engagement party or a Saturday night ritual. The app has the ability to document and collate pictures, videos, status updates, likes, shares and comments from the whole group's social media feeds, be it Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and transform them into a 30-second video reel reproducing all the shenanigans of the group's night out.

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