Japanese Restaurant Uses Every New Technology Possible To Entice Patrons

Japanese Restaurant Uses Every New Technology Possible To Entice Patrons

Mirai Resu features a virtual waitress to a head device that translates the menu into English, as well as Kinect and visual projection.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 2 april 2014

If you’ve ever wondered what the future of the restaurant business looks like then prepare for a sneak peek. Japanese restaurant Mirai Resu uses several innovative technologies that may become all too common in years to come.

Crafted by Recruit Advanced Technology Lab, in Mirai Resu, each table has Bluetooth technology that uses Apple’s iBeacon to register customers. When an iPhone, iPad, or iPod comes in, a digital menu pops up on the table; it can be browsed with the movement of a candle. When you’re ready to order, you simply waive your hand over the table and a virtual waitress appears on the ceiling.


Once that’s done, a large screen projects the order in which items requested throughout the entire restaurant will arrive in. And when you’ve tasted everything you can also use the table to post pictures and Facebook “likes” of the items you ordered, then use iBeacon to pay the bill.

Don’t speak Japanese? No problem. Simply pick up a headset as you enter the restaurant which will translate the menu into the language of your choosing.

Mirai Resu uses projectors, microphones, Kinect sensors, and Wii remotes in addition to iBeacon to keep things running smoothly, all of which are surprising affordable. Now that the word is out, we can expect other restaurants to start following suit.

[h/t] TechTraverse, Engadget

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