Jesse Levin: Why Physical Interaction Is Key To Workplace Productivity [PSFK 2014]

Jesse Levin: Why Physical Interaction Is Key To Workplace Productivity [PSFK 2014]
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PSFK talks to Brooklyn Boulder's Senior Cultural Chameleon to learn about the importance of human contact and movement to creativity.

Sara Roncero-Menendez
  • 11 april 2014

PSFK is excited to have Jesse Levin, the Senior Cultural Chameleon at Brooklyn Boulders, as a speaker at PSFK CONFERENCE 2014. On April 11th, Jesse will discuss the tools and mediums that can be used to create vibrant work environments, no matter where you are. In the lead up to the event, we spoke with Levin about the nature of the company, the blurring of the work and life space, and shares with us what he believes is the ideal workspace.

What was the impetus to create the Brooklyn Boulders space?

There is a very real and ever increasing desire for human interaction, community and physical development. The pendulum has started to swing from a desire for tech based interactions back to the tangible physical interaction. The team felt that mixing the worlds of climbing, fitness, arts, culture and entrepreneurship would be a progressive way to create the next generation community center.

How does the Brooklyn Boulder model fit into your idea of the perfect workplace?

We don’t believe that every facet of life should be siloed. The work life balance is so hard to achieve because so few work or corporate environments have adapted to establish conducive environments to foster the socioeconomic shifts pertaining to work culture that have occurred in the past few years. Our goal was to build a space where one could work, play, connect, exercise and be inspired all under one roof.

What is some of the most interesting feedback you’ve gotten from members of the community?

My favorite quote I have heard so far in regards to someone describing the space – “This place is like an ADD entrepreneurial climbers dream.” Our community members seem to really appreciate the worlds we are trying to combine. It is a bit of a shock to find world class climbing, slack-lining, saunas, and collaborative work space all mixed together but most seem to love it. Boston is not known for being the most collaborative of cities but a lot of people really have been resonating with the more San Francisco style environment we are trying to create where the mixing of communities and ide sharing is the norm not the exception.

What are your plans for expanding this model going forward?

We have three additional facilities we plan to come close to finishing by years-end across the country. We view each respective space as a blank palette from which to experiment with. The foundation of each project is unparalleled climbing terrain and hybrid fitness and from their we explore what each respective community needs and wants and build from there. We expect each facility to be increasingly more experiential in nature, and the Active Collaborative Workspace will continue to evolve with each new location.

What’s one thing we can look forward to (without giving too much away) in your talk at PSFK CONFERENCE 2014?

In each respective environment and scenario there is a unique tool or medium to enable you to create vibrant culture. In Haiti during disaster response operations the tool happened to be a quacking stuffed animal duck. In working to connect special operations veterans with forward leaning entrepreneurs, a valuable medium proved to be tactical medicine workshops. In connecting the incredible but separate start-up, music, climbing and academic communities of Boston, a very helpful tool proved to be mixing climbing and an Active Collaborative Workspace.

To learn more about Brooklyn Boulders’ active collaborative workspace, watch the video below:

Thanks Jesse!

Check out our conference page to see more of innovative industry leaders who will be speaking  at our event.

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