There are plenty of apps out there that help project managers, but what makes for a more in-sync innovation team?

In anticipation of his presentation at the PSFK CONFERENCE 2014 we spoke with the Chairman & Founder of SYPartners Keith Yamashita about his Unstuck app, a product to help professionals get past creative and personal blocks. Check out his interview below to get a sneak peek at what he’ll talk about on April 11th.

Why do you think so many creatives find themselves stuck?

I always say, the people who get stuck the most often are the ones who lead the most daring lives. As creatives, our work can be inspiring, joyful, and satisfying—but often, it is also challenging, painful, and leads to getting stuck. That comes when we have a stare down with reality—our passion may outstrip our actual skill, our dream may outclass our resources to realize it, the problem to be solved may be larger than the creativity we can summon.

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