Traveling Adventure Fortress Designed For A 4-Year-Old

Traveling Adventure Fortress Designed For A 4-Year-Old
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Millionaire inventor Bran Ferren has spent the past five years creating a high-tech RV called the 'KiraVan'.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 april 2014

Bran Ferren, the co-chairman of technology and design firm Applied Minds, has developed a high-tech adventure vehicle for his four-year-old daughter Kira that they can use for exploring. The millionaire inventor’s 23 ton RV, called the ‘KiraVan’, is a six-wheeled, all-terrain truck that can travel 2,000 miles without refueling and can traverse slopes of up to 45 degrees.


The KiraVan features Kevlar-reinforced tires, drones to monitor the upcoming terrain, and a 31 foot long trailer. This includes an eco-friendly bathroom, custom-designed kitchen, and a ‘penthouse’ loft that Kira helped design. Ferren is hoping to travel to the Mojave Desert, Canada and possibly even Europe in the vehicle to show Kira different sights.




Sources: Telegraph, Wired
Images: Telegraph, Wired

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