Wooden Kitchen Gadgets Prove Connected Devices Don’t Have To Be Ugly [Pics]

Wooden Kitchen Gadgets Prove Connected Devices Don’t Have To Be Ugly [Pics]

The GK Series by Italian company Thingk have dual functions and connect to the web.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 29 april 2014

Italian design and engineering company Thingk develops objects that have multiple functions and connect to the web.

The company has launched an Indiegogo campaign for its new line of products the GK Series, which consist of the GKILO and the CLOGK.

The GKILO is a block of wood that functions as a kitchen scale when laid on one side, and functions as a clock when laid on the other side. The block has no buttons or switches and its functions can be controlled via hand gestures.

The CLOGK functions as an ordinary analog clock or as a cooking timer. It can also stand as a paperweight or a contemporary decorative piece. The wooden clock and timer can be activated by touch.


The GKILO and the CLOGK include a wireless module that allows them to interact with each other or other future Thingk products, as well as with an app. Owners can use the app to search the web for recipes for the food they are weighing with the GKILO. The app can then propose the cooking time and set the CLOGK to count down the minutes.

Both products are built on open hardware plans so anyone can develop add-ons or features for them.

The Indiegogo campaign has raised about 30% of its $50,000 as of this post. Backers can get a GKILO or CLOGK for $100 each if they get the Early Bird Special. The campaign ends May 27th.



Source: Slashgear



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