Tune In To Soccer News Without Getting In Trouble At Work [Video]


This passive device flickers and changes color based on the volume of tweets for a chosen hashtag.

Ross Brooks
  • 22 april 2014

Watching a game while at work probably won’t help your end-of-year evaluation, but a new device called Kixl gives you a passive way to stay on top of the latest online soccer development. Created by Uniform, an independent creative agency, the device flickers and changes color based on the volume of tweets for a chosen hashtag.

Kixl glows green when there isn’t much activity, flaring orange as conversation builds, and red when the conversation is buzzing. In the same way that people use a clock to check-in with time, Kixl is a shared object that different people can glance at, and all come away with the same understanding.


Martin Skelly, Creative Technologist at Uniform, first hit on the idea when he thought about how it would feel “to glance into a data cable that is powering a twitter conversation, what could each of these tweets zapping around cyberspace actually look like.” He was also keen to “combine match day excitement with Internet of Things geekery.”

While it’s one thing to attend a football match, the device helps to capture the excitement either side of the event as well.


Football grounds have a completely unique atmosphere on match days, but for days before and after matches, the beautiful game is the topic of millions of individual contributors on social media. We wanted to explore these colossal metrics to visualize the social media buzz in between matches. It’s is a bit like standing outside a stadium on match day – hearing the chants, and the near misses, and the goals – but your staring into the depths of an online conversation instead.


So while you might be missing out on the latest game because of work, Kixl can help you feel like you’re still part of the conversation. If it’s glowing a bright enough shade of red, it might also be worth going on social media to see what all the buzz is about.


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