Learn A New Language By Browsing The Web

Learn A New Language By Browsing The Web
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New app and web extension translates and saves foreign words as you read.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 3 april 2014

For new language learners, there is no such thing as too much studying., a new Android app and Chrome extension, allows users to learn a language simply by browsing the web.

Interested people can download from the Google Play Store, on their home computers or mobile device. Next, select the language you are learning as well as your native language. When that’s done, you can either manually type or paste foreign words into the toolbar, where they will be translated to your mother tongue. Once you know the meaning of the word, you can save and customize it, adding a picture and sample sentence. Saved words can be practiced in Coffee Break (5 words), Regular Size (15 words) or Word Feast (30 words) interactive flashcard sessions, or via fun games. also features a ‘Read’ section, which pulls up articles that contain your saved words. The more words you have saved in your personal dictionary, the more articles you can read. The more you read, the better learns your interests and language level, so that its suggestions become more customized for you.

Currently, has over 20 languages. It has an audio component that teaches you correct pronunciation, and even reminds you to study when you haven’t practiced in a few days.

In the classroom, becomes a fresh and engaging learning tool. Teachers can require their students to download the program (it’s free), creating a class list of acquired words and assigning homework based on suggested articles. In addition, students can be asked to add a certain number of words a week. games can also be played together in the classroom via a projection screen. creators are in the process of establishing an iOS version and adding additional languages. They also plan to offer language support via Facebook and Twitter in the future.
[h/t] The Next Web

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