Leica’s New Camera Does Away With Every Button [Pics]

Leica’s New Camera Does Away With Every Button [Pics]

The camera maker's first redesign in 60 years gets a helping hand from Audi.

Ross Brooks
  • 29 april 2014

Leica makes cameras that almost every photographer loves, which is why their designs haven’t changed in nearly 60 years. But the company decided it was time for a change with the new Leica T, a mirror-less, non-rangefinder camera, with a completely new industrial design and an all-new lens mount.

To ensure the camera had a simple but striking design, Leica teamed up with the talented people at Audi to come up with the T’s unique aluminum design. The camera itself also features a unique lug attachment system for straps and other accessories, a distinct lack of physical buttons, and a pop-up flash hidden beneath the immaculately polished exterior. For a full rundown of the camera’s specs, be sure to check out the full-length article on The Verge.


The Leica T will be available worldwide in silver on May 26th for about $1,850, with lenses costing between $1,800 and $1,900 depending on whether you want a prime, or zoom lens. When you compared the prices to the company’s M line, which currently has an asking price of $7,000, just for the body, the Leica T looks like an excellent bargain.

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.11.04 PM.png


[h/t] The Verge
Images: Engadget

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