Comics Poke Fun At The Essential Truths Of Everyday Life [Pics]

Comics Poke Fun At The Essential Truths Of Everyday Life [Pics]
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Visualizations humorously depict people's knowledge of traffic laws, the reality of online dating and more.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 16 april 2014

Denmark based New Creations are creators of comic strips used on web sites, in apps, games, tv, and movies. Their Truth Facts line, established in 2011, is posted daily to the comedy site Kind Of Normal.

Kind Of Normal has three varieties of visual comedy strips, but Truth Facts seems to be their star. Truth Facts uses tongue-in-cheek visual drawings and charts to illustrate some of the difficulties we encounter every day. The strips are usually a single panel with shaky lines that appear to be digitally created. In actuality, the artist hand sketches the strips before scanning them onto the computer, only adding color digitally.


Writer Mikael Wulff, and artist Anders Morgenthaler, began their collaboration in 2003 when they created a comic strip for a contest just hours before the deadline. After they won, they quickly created a website and began creating posts both for the digital world and for newspapers. For a time, the duo also created a television program that featured some of their more famous characters, before launching in America and Europe. With their transition to the United States and Europe, the pair has woven some classic creations with some custom made posts, tailored to our audience.


New Truth Facts posts are updated to the website a few times a week, but the strips have also begun to run in national newspapers, including The Washington Post and The New York Daily News. Having conquered the print and digital worlds, creators have not set their sights on Hollywood.

Truth Facts topics include things like ‘Where Couples Who Met Online Say They Meet The Most’, ‘The Inverse Relationship Between Your Salary And How Fun Your Job Is,’ and “Baggy Pants Varieties.’ Check out their full archive here.









Truth Facts
[h/t] Kind of Normal, The Daily Cartoonist

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