Weight-Detecting Suitcase Tells You Whether It’s Too Heavy To Fly [Video]

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Simple spring-loaded handle helps you to avoid excess baggage charges.

Ross Brooks
  • 29 april 2014

Weighing your suitcase on a bathroom scale doesn’t always work, which makes it easy to incur additional baggage charges at the airport. To try and prevent that from happening, French designer Selma Durand created a suitcase handle that doubles as a scale to let you know if you’ve packed too much stuff.

The device uses a non-linear spring that’s inserted into the of your suitcases, and can measure up to 25 kg in weight. It adapts to any suitcase so that people can be sure all of their bags meet the weight restrictions imposed by airlines.


While the handle doesn’t give you an exact number, it does tell you if your luggage
exceeds 20 or 23 kg, which should be enough to know if you’ve overpacked or not. Compared with the traditional method of picking up your suitcase a few times and guessing, it seems like a much more accurate way to avoid excess charges.


Selma Durand

[h/t] DesignBoom

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