Street Signs Turned Into Post-Apocalyptic Weapons [Video]

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How one artist predicts people will protect themselves 400 years from now.

Tiffany Nesbit
  • 18 april 2014

The zombie apocalypse may or may not be on the horizon, but there is a very real battle against gentrification happening all across the country. Brooklyn based artist Coby Kennedy has traveled the world, and has developed an interesting set of tools he believes will help combat both gentrification, and what ever might accompany the apocalypse.


In a narrative that Kennedy envisions taking place 400 years in the future, invaders have come to Earth, and Brooklyn residents must defend themselves from the attackers with the everyday objects found around them. Using street signs from historically significant Brooklyn neighborhoods, Kennedy has created machetes, shields, and swords that have meaning, and are remarkable works of art.



Kennedy’s futuristic weapons collection is titled ‘In The Service Of A Villain.’ ‘A lot of the street signs are from places in Brooklyn that have history and weight, places that are losing that particular culture,’ he told Metro. He believes the signs reflect the heritage and origins of the people of today, and the future.


After acquiring the signs, Kennedy cuts and sharpens them. Then, he attaches blades and distresses the weapons, so that they look more realistic. Having taught himself to weld by watching YouTube videos, Kennedy is also making a film based on this narrative, where the weapons will double as props.


Though the apocalyptic need for survival isn’t real, Kennedy says his narrative is based off contemporary situations, like the gentrification of his Bushwick neighborhood. He purposefully makes his creations both political and provoking, hoping they inspire people the same way he has been inspired by the reality of what is going on in his community.

(h/t Animal New York, Metro)


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