McDonald’s Adds Local Flair To Appeal To Chinese Consumers

McDonald’s Adds Local Flair To Appeal To Chinese Consumers

McDonald's dresses up its new concept restaurant in Guangzhou with traditional decor.

Daniela Walker
  • 22 april 2014

China has become McDonald’s third biggest market after the US and Japan, and the fast-food giant is readying the opening of its 2,000th restaurant in the country. Instead of the typical bland decor in its American locations, McDonalds is testing out a locally-infused design that highlights different aspects of Chinese culture.


The new concept restaurant in Guangzhou references symbols of Chinese culture, with an abacus as a central room divider and hanging light installations that hint at traditional bamboo basket steamers. This concept is part of McDonald’s strategic pivoting in China, along with a new slogan: “It’s good to get together.” Emphasizing the social aspect of eating at McDonald’s and the Chinese desire for togetherness, the Guangzhou location features round tables with enough seating for 10.


Christine Xu, VP and Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald’s China, told Advertising Age:


Our research says that in China, consumers see McDonald’s as a place for gathering and socialization – and that’s very different from the U.S. consumer. In the U.S. a lot of consumption is made in the drive-thru lanes, so the way it’s consumed is different. The way it fits into their lifestyle is different.

The interior design and the different decor elements offer a more upscale feel to the fast-food chain, in the hopes of turning the restaurant into a destination – and not just a pit stop.


[h/t] Advertising Age

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