The Metropolitan Opera Borrows Buzzfeed’s Strategy To Engage A Younger Audience

The Metropolitan Opera Borrows Buzzfeed’s Strategy To Engage A Younger Audience

Online quizzes match you up with the perfect opera package.

Ross Brooks
  • 18 april 2014

In order to create a more tailored experience, the Metropolitan Opera recently launched a new Ticket Finder service that employs quick questionnaires to match you with the perfect performance. Not only will the quizzes make the theater more accessible for people with limited knowledge of the opera, but it will also help to attract a younger audience to the performing arts and eradicate the notion of opera being stuffy and intimidating.


“This is a platform that is specifically designed for new audiences – people who are still trying to figure out their individual preferences for operas and opera productions,” explains Associate Director of Marketing Meghan Goria. “We know that it’s important for people to have a wonderful experience with opera and a huge part of that is making sure that what’s on stage matches their individual aesthetic.

Designed to help narrow down the choices between the season’s 24-28 operas, the questions range from “What type of story do you prefer?” to “What factors are most important to you when choosing an opera?” Different answers will return different answers until you find the perfect opera for you – which could be a comedic story with lavish productions, great music, and star singers, for example.


On top of that, the Met Opera has also made it possible to create your own subscription series. Just select five operas, along with the dates you want to attend and your seating preferences, which will give you access to tickets ahead of the general public. It’s also a great way to ensure you have a consistent dose of cultural entertainment lined up for the next few months.

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