National Geographic Predicts What The Average Human Will Look Like In 35 Years

National Geographic Predicts What The Average Human Will Look Like In 35 Years
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National Geographic commissioned Martin Schoeller to capture the mulit-racial face of America.

Daniela Walker
  • 16 april 2014

In case you missed it, National Geographic celebrated its 125th anniversary last year. In its October anniversary issue, the magazine commissioned photographer Martin Schoeller to capture the changing faces of America.


Schoeller took pictures of what will be the face of ‘the average Americans’ in 2050. No longer a homogenized country, the rise in interracial relationships has resulted in a a blurring of traditional racial boundaries. Schoeller’s photographs challenge the way that we use physical appearance to identify people and revealing the nation’s multi-racial present and future. Says Schoeller:

I like building catalogs of faces that invite people to compare them. I want to challenge the way we use appearance to shape identity.

The photo gallery and accompanying essay by writer Lise Funderburg consider the notions of race and identity in America today and how it will change over the next 40 years. Writes Funderburg about the changing faces of Americans:

If we can’t slot people into familiar categories, perhaps we’ll be forced to reconsider existing definitions of race and identity, presumptions about who is us and who is them.

National Geographic
[h/t] PolicyMic


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