The LinkedIn Of Coffee Machines Only Brews Coffee When Two People Are Waiting [Video]


The Coffee Connector is designed to help complete strangers start a conversation.

Daniela Walker
  • 8 april 2014

Conferences can be awkward – especially when you go alone. Forced to stand by yourself or attempt to network by breaking into others’ conversations, it’s not always easy. Now, the Coffee Connector by the Economic Development Board (EDB) Singapore aims to bring strangers together by brewing coffee only when two people introduce themselves to each other.

The device senses when two people are standing in front of it, waiting for coffee. It then asks the people to each introduce themselves by inputting their names. It is through this introduction that the brewing process can begin. As the machine begins to brew, exposed mechanics show the spectacle of coffee-making, creating a mesmerizing conversation starter.

Says EDB Singapore:

“Let’s grab coffee” often means more than just coffee. It signifies the start to relationships, opportunities and business decisions. In Asia, Singapore often facilitates connections between companies and successful business ventures with a wealth of resources. Our machine, the Coffee Connector, is this symbolic idea brought to life.

The device debuted at The Economist Big Rethink Conference on March 13 in New York City and facilitated more than 200 successful connections.

See a video of the Coffee Connector in action in the video below:

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