The best ideas come from the living room, not the board room, says Nikki Kaufman of Quirky and Normal.

In anticipation of her presentation at the PSFK CONFERENCE 2014 we spoke with Nikki Kaufman, Cultural Advisor to Quirky and the Founder of Normal. Nikki will join us April 11th for a panel on the state of women in the tech industry, so to prepare we asked her about her experience building a new company in the mold of her experience at Quirky.

What’s been the biggest learning curve associated with moving from an established company to building a start-up?

I have only ever been part of a start up – and I love it. I helped start Quirky over 5 years ago and recently left to start a new company, Normal. You'll hear about that one soon! In some ways Quirky has since become an established company and I'm back in the true start-up world again. But Quirky continues to hold on to its start-up culture. This is the culture that I feel most comfortable working in and really the only one I know professionally! I love building high performing teams and shipping products that we are proud of. I love that I am doing it all over again from square one at Normal.

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