Ring Serves As Home’s Remote Control [Video]


Nod’s technology builds on the human behavior of pointing.

Rachel Pincus
  • 30 april 2014

Dragging your fingers all over your screen is so 2011. Enter the gesture control ring, a new type of input device that lets you control all your smart devices with your movements. Developed by the eponymous Nod Labs, the freshly launched Nod is the newest entry into this soon-to-be fiercely competitive field.

“There has always been a computing revolution around new input methods – the keyboard, the mouse, the touchscreen,” said Anush Elangovan, founder and CEO of Nod Labs. “Nod’s touchless interaction is the next such revolution, where the human body becomes the input device.”


Nod uses 32,000 DPI of resolution for incredibly precise control at up to half a millimeter of accuracy. It’s Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled, which will reduce both its power consumption and its cost. It’s also a small, sleek and convenient device that’s waterproof to 165 feet, and comes in 12 sizes. Logbar’s crowdfunded Ring, for instance, starts at a minimum size of 7 or 8 – too large for some more delicate fingers.


Nod does more than just blindly serve the devices it controls, though. It has an app portal and an open API that’s specially adapted to its advantages as a control ring; Nod is a founding member of OpenSpatial, an open source framework that aims to bring “directionality, distance, identity and gestures to a user’s environment.” Nod will be aware of its surroundings in new and remarkable ways. It may do the same thing for its users. “Nod’s technology builds on the inherently human behavior of pointing—but aims to eliminate the archaic ways we interact with our home technology,” said Elangovan. There are also plans to integrate Nod with Internet of Things devices in addition to the more traditional targets, so that smoke alarms, light bulbs, and the like can be controlled in one intuitive sweep.

Nod is available for limited pre-sale starting today for $149.00 USD. Orders will begin shipping in the fall.

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