"Between 14th & Bedford: NY Subway Dancers" goes behind the scenes of the lives of the city's young entertainers.

New Yorkers ignore them, tourists are mesmerized by them, and now filmmaker Mollie Mills has captured them in their element in her short film, Between 14th & Bedford: NY Subway Dancers. They are W.A.F.F.L.E. – We Are Family For Life Entertainment, a crew of subway dancers who spend their time contorting their bodies and dancing underground in New York City. Mills, who is London-based, was once another tourist bemused by the flips and tricks that these young men performed on the subway. She was so taken by them that she asked their permission to follow the crew as they spent their day on the subway. Mills learned that even though subway dancers are regarded as an annoyance by regular commuters, they continue to dance to support themselves and their families, and to stay away from bad influences. Mills writes on her Vimeo page:

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