Company Opens Its Office To The General Public As A Co-Working Space

Company Opens Its Office To The General Public As A Co-Working Space
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dPop Detroit let anyone walk in off the street to use their wifi and build connections.

Ross Brooks
  • 1 april 2014

Open offices aren’t for everyone, but if you’re going to have one, then why not make it so open that even the general public can join in on meetings? dPop, an interior design studio in downtown Detroit has done exactly that – they even offer coffee and free internet.

The “Workeasy” open office event only happens once a month, but dPop CEO Melissa Price says “It brings a great energy to the space.” Being an interior design studio, it also gives the company a chance to show off their skills. The office has its own astronaut suit, a full-size horse statue, and even a repurposed bank vault.


dPop don’t try and keep the open office quiet either, they advertise on Facebook and Twitter, while employees use good old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Depending on the weather, the number of attendees can vary significantly. On its quietest day, dPop hosted about five people, while its busiest saw more than 30 people come through its doors.


Even though there are no limits, and none of the guests are screened, dPop has so far never had a problem. Guests have to use a specific password to gain access, and there are CCTV cameras around the office, which has so far proven enough security to keep everyone in order.

[h/t] Quartz



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